Multifibre Lyow SDC 10 Mtr. Roll

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  • Multi-fiber LyoW 10 Meter 1 Roll/Box
  • Brand: SDC
  • Made in the UK.
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Developed with Marks and Spencer PLC, Multifibre Lyow is a testing fabric comprising six fiber components. LyoW® Multifibre is used as an adjacent fabric in the Marks and Spencer PLC Colour Fastness testing regime, produced exclusively for them by SDCE.

It is produced with a narrow weave construction and contains the following components, Regenerated Cellulose, Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, and Wool. LyoW® Multifibre undergoes a rigorous quality control procedure conducted by independent UKAS-accredited labs. The testing includes the individual yarns before construction and further tests on the finished product. The Multifibre is required to pass these tests before each new batch is considered fit for sale.

Major Advantages of SDCE Multifibre Lyow

  • Ribbon construction for economy, ease of handling, and stability in use.
  • Identification weave built-in to enable easy recognition.
  • Stringent Quality Control.
  • Product authentication and quality guarantee, delivered via SDC security thread.

The SDC Multifibre Lyow 10 Mtr. A roll is a crucial tool in the textile industry, specifically designed for assessing the colorfastness and dimensional stability of textiles. This multifibre fabric consists of a blend of different fibers, each representing various types of fabrics commonly found in textile products. The SDC Multifibre Lyow serves as a standardized reference material for conducting colorfastness tests, ensuring consistent and reliable results across different laboratories and testing facilities.

Key features of the SDC Multifibre Lyow 10 Mtr. Roll include:

1. Standardized Testing: The SDC Multifibre Lyow allows textile manufacturers, quality control laboratories, and regulatory agencies to conduct standardized colorfastness tests according to industry standards such as ISO, AATCC, and ASTM. By using a consistent reference material, test results can be compared accurately between different laboratories and across different batches of textile products.

2. Representative Fabric Samples: The Multifibre Lyow roll contains fabric strips made from a blend of different fibers, including cotton, polyester, wool, and nylon, among others. These fabric samples represent a wide range of commonly used textile materials, allowing testers to assess the colorfastness and dimensional stability of various types of fabrics in a single test.

3. Convenient Roll Format: The Multifibre Lyow is supplied in a 10-meter roll format, providing ample material for conducting multiple tests over an extended period. The roll format offers convenience and flexibility in testing, allowing users to cut and prepare fabric samples of the desired size for individual tests.

4. Reliable Performance: Manufactured to stringent quality standards, the SDC Multifibre Lyow ensures consistent performance and reliable test results. The fabric strips are carefully constructed to exhibit uniform properties, ensuring reproducible test outcomes with minimal variability.

5. Versatile Applications: The Multifibre Lyow is suitable for various colorfastness tests, including washing, rubbing, light exposure, and perspiration tests. It is commonly used in textile laboratories, research institutions, and quality control departments to assess the colorfastness and durability of textile products such as apparel, upholstery, and home textiles.

Overall, the SDC Multifibre Lyow 10 Mtr. Roll is an essential tool for evaluating the colorfastness and dimensional stability of textiles, providing reliable and standardized test results for the textile industry. With its representative fabric samples and convenient roll format, the Multifibre Lyow simplifies testing procedures while ensuring consistent and accurate assessments of textile performance.

Multifibre Lyow SDC 10 Mtr. Roll by Labtex
Multifibre Lyow SDC 10 Mtr. Roll is available in Labtex Bangladesh


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