pH Paper Strips for PH Measuring Merck Back Side
pH Paper Strips for PH Measuring Merck Front Side

pH Paper Strips for PH Measuring Merck, Germany

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  • pH Paper Strips
  • Pack Size: 100 Strips Per Box
  • Brand: Merck
  • Made in Germany

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pH Paper Strips or pH indicator for pH Measuring Merck, Germany

The pH tests are suited for all media in environmental analysis and industrial in-process controls. Our special method of manufacture gives the pH indicator stripes decisive advantages over the indicator paper: since the indicator does not bleed, the stripe can be left in the measurement medium without contaminating it.

pH 0-14 indicator sticks for laboratory use, the clear plastic container includes 100 pH indicator sticks, a color chart is inside the container, spread on both sides, made of hard plastic, and indicator papers are pasted over the sticks in 4 rows, for pH range of 0 to 14.



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