Plastic Pipette Pump 10ml China

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  • Plastic Pipette Pump
  • Capacity: 10ml
  • Color: Green
  • Made in China

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This is the Chinese plastic pipette pump 10ml Easy operation-wide applicability up to 10ml with a Side Lever for the laboratory.

  • Pipette Pump for Pipettes up to 10 ml
  • Rotation of the thumb wheel draws or dispenses the liquid with precision and ease.
  • By depressing the side lever the entire contents can be dispensed rapidly.
  • Wide applicability, Accepts glass and plastic pipettes.
  • Easy operation, this Pipette Pump is easy to operate with one hand.
  • Color: Green
  • Made in China


A plastic pipette pump designed for 10ml volumes is a convenient and efficient tool commonly used in laboratory settings for accurately dispensing liquid volumes. Here’s an overview of how it works and its typical usage:

Design: A plastic pipette pump 10ml for 10ml volumes typically consists of a plastic body with a built-in piston mechanism and a removable plastic pipette tip adapter. The piston mechanism allows for precise control of aspiration and dispensing of liquid volumes.

Usage: To use the plastic pipette pump 10ml, first, select the appropriate pipette tip size for your desired volume. Attach the pipette tip securely to the end of the pipette pump’s adapter.

Volume Adjustment: Some plastic pipette pumps have a volume adjustment feature that allows users to set the desired volume to be aspirated or dispensed. Make sure to adjust the volume setting to 10ml before pipetting.

Aspiration: To aspirate (draw up) liquid into the pipette, press the plunger button on the pipette pump to the first stop to expel any air from the pipette tip. Then, immerse the tip into the liquid and slowly release the plunger button to draw up the desired volume of liquid.

Dispensing: Once the desired volume is aspirated, transfer the pipette tip to the desired destination vessel. Depress the plunger button to the first stop to dispense the liquid slowly and accurately. Press the plunger button to the second stop to expel any remaining liquid from the tip.

Ejection: After dispensing the liquid, eject the used pipette tip by removing it from the adapter or using an ejector button or lever, if available.

Cleaning and Maintenance: It’s essential to clean the plastic pipette pump regularly to prevent contamination and ensure accurate pipetting. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Plastic pipette pumps for 10ml volumes are versatile and suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications, including sample preparation, titrations, and general liquid handling tasks. They offer ease of use, reliability, and precision, making them indispensable tools in scientific research, healthcare, and industrial laboratories.



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