TDS-5 TDS Meter Water Purity Tester Pen for Pools, Aquariums, Biofloc, Drinking Water

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Smart TDS-5 TDS Meter 1 Piece

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TDS Meter Water Purity Tester Pen TDS-5 Smart TDS Meter

  • Color: White
  • Range: 0-4999ppm
  • Accuracy: /-1.5%
  • Battery: 1*3V CR2025(Not Included)
  • Item size:150mm x 27mm x 15mm
  • Purpose: Water Quality and Purity Test
  • Application: Pools, Pound, Aquariums, Biofloc, and Drinking Water Testing.
  • Made in China

Operational Instructions: 

  1. Press on/off button to start/finish, default display ppm, TDS range: 0-9990ppm
  2. Hold the TDS data automatically when stabilized. Clear the data to zero for each test
  3. Shut off automatically after 90 seconds or press the on/off button to shutdown

Accuracy: TDS ≤100±2ppm; ≥100±2%ppm; ≥500±5%ppm



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