UNI-T Laser Distance Meter LM100A

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  • LM100A Laser Distance Meter
  • Capacity: 100 Meter
  • Brand: UNI-T
  • Made in China

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The new UNI-T laser distance meter LM100A is a new design to measure the distance precisely. It can measure AREA, VOLUME, ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, etc easily. It can also store 99 groups of data. These meters can be used in interior/exterior design, construction, factory supervision, engineering inspection, real estate development, and so on.

Features of Laser Distance Meter LM100A

  • Ergonomic exterior, comfortable handling
  • Millimeter accuracy
  • 99 groups of data storage
  • Quick, self-calculation with real-time readout
  • Physical leveler(Horizontal and vertical)
  • Multiple functions: Max/Min/continuous measurement, data storage, etc

Specifications of LM100A Laser Distance Meter 

  • Display size 2.0-inches
  • Range: 100m
  • Display Type LCD
  • Min. display unit 0.001m
  • Measurement units m/ft/in
  • Measurement basis front/rear
  • Accuracy ±(2mm+5 x 10-5D)
  • Laser: class 2
  • Laser type 630~670nm, ﹤1mW
  • Single measurement √
  • Continuous measurement √
  • Max/Min/Area √
  • Volume √
  • Pythagoras √
  • Add/Subtract √
  • Self-calibration √
  • Horizontal bubble √
  • Data storage 99 groups
  • Auto power off 3 minutes without operation
  • ¬Auto laser off 30s without operation
  • Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
  • Operating temperature 0℃~40℃
  • Power 1.5V battery (LR03) x 2
  • Product color Red and grey
  • Product size 122mm x 52mm x 29.5mm
  • Standard accessories Carrying bag
  • Standard individual packing Gift box, User manual

Broad Product Description:

The UNI-T Laser Distance Meter LM100A is a state-of-the-art tool designed for precise and efficient measurement of distances, areas, and volumes in various construction, engineering, and industrial applications. Engineered with advanced laser technology and user-friendly features, this distance meter offers unparalleled accuracy and convenience for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:
1. High-precision Laser Measurement: The UNI-T LM100A utilizes advanced laser technology to provide accurate distance measurements with a maximum range of up to 100 meters (328 feet). With its high-precision laser sensor, this distance meter delivers reliable results with an accuracy of ±2mm (±0.08 inches), ensuring precise measurements in any environment.

2. Multiple Measurement Modes: This distance meter offers versatile measurement modes to suit a wide range of applications. Users can quickly switch between single-distance measurement, continuous measurement, area measurement, and volume measurement modes, allowing for efficient and flexible measurement tasks.

3. Large LCD Display: Equipped with a clear and easy-to-read LCD, the UNI-T LM100A distance meter provides instant feedback on measurement results, including distance, area, volume, and other relevant information. The backlit display ensures visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing usability in various work environments.

4. User-friendly Operation: With its intuitive interface and simple button controls, the UNI-T LM100A distance meter is easy to operate, even for users with limited experience. The ergonomic design and compact size make it comfortable to hold and use, facilitating efficient measurement tasks with minimal effort.

5. Built-in Calculation Functions: This distance meter features built-in calculation functions for area and volume measurements, allowing users to quickly calculate the area of a room or the volume of a space with the press of a button. The ability to perform on-the-fly calculations saves time and effort, streamlining measurement tasks.

6. Durable Construction: Designed for rugged use in demanding work environments, the UNI-T LM100A distance meter features durable housing that is resistant to impact, dust, and water splashes. The robust construction ensures reliable performance and longevity, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

7. Portable and Battery-powered: With its lightweight and compact design, the UNI-T LM100A distance meter is highly portable and easy to carry to job sites or project locations. Powered by standard AAA batteries, this distance meter offers convenient cordless operation, allowing for uninterrupted use on the go.

Overall, the UNI-T Laser Distance Meter LM100A combines precision measurement capabilities, versatile functionality, and user-friendly design, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in construction, engineering, real estate, interior design, and other fields. Whether measuring distances, areas, or volumes, this distance meter delivers accurate results with speed and efficiency, enhancing productivity and accuracy in a wide range of applications.



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