W-Series AND Electronic Scale 5Kg

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New Design W-Series Digital Weight Scale 5 Kg 1 Piece

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W-Series AND Digital Weight Scale 5 Kg New Design & Best Quality

  • Capacity: 1gm to 5Kg
  • Platter: 120x160mm
  • Operating Tem.: 0-40°C
  • Power Source: 6 AA Size Batteries or AC/DC Adapter 10-12V/100mA
  • Model: W-Series
  • Brand: AND
  • Auto shut off (Selectable)
  • Auto Backlight (Selectable) with large LCD unit, digital height 15mm
  • Easy operation by the key
  • Socket for the charger on the side
  • Low battery indication
  • Made in China
  • Design in Taiwan
  • Marketed in India by W-Series



AND brand all types of precision, Pcs counting, laboratory scale, and analytical weight scales are available in Labtex Bangladesh. Labtex always keeps the best quality and reputed branded products in its stock.
Certainly! A&D Weighing is a reputable brand known for its precision weighing and measurement equipment. Here are some key points about their products:
  1. Laboratory Balances and Scales:
    • A&D offers a comprehensive range of laboratory balances, including micro, semi-micro, analytical, precision, compact, and portable balances. These instruments are essential for accurate measurements in scientific research and quality control.
    • They also provide moisture analyzers, mass comparators, pipettes, and viscometers for various laboratory applications.
  2. Industrial Scales:
    • A&D’s industrial scales cater to diverse industries. These include bench scales, compact scales, counting scales, and check weights.
    • They offer robust weighing solutions for industrial processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.
  3. Load Cells and Bases:
    • Load cells are critical components in weighing systems. A&D manufactures load cells that provide reliable and precise weight measurements.
    • Their bases and indicators complement the load cells, forming complete weighing systems.
  4. Non-Destructive Measurement Equipment:
    • A&D specializes in non-destructive measurement tools. These instruments allow you to assess properties without altering the sample.
    • Whether it’s material testing or quality control, A&D’s non-destructive equipment is valuable.
  5. Industry Applications:
    • A&D serves various sectors, including academia, food and beverage, cannabis, chemical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing.
    • Their equipment meets rigorous quality standards at ISO 9001-certified facilities.
Remember, A&D Weighing has been a trusted name for over 40 years, providing reliable and efficient weighing solutions worldwide. If you need precise measurements, consider exploring their products!For more information, you can visit their website: A&D Weighing.
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