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Observation of Starch Granules in Biology Lab

The Observation of Starch Granules is a practical experiment for Class Eleven Biology 1st Part in Bangladesh Educational System (NCTB).

Necessary Materials for observation of Starch Granules:


First, the round potato should be divided into different parts with a scalpel. Then remove the liquid from the potato parts in a Petri dish and take a drop on a clean slide and observe it under the microscope.

Observation of Starch Granules
Picture: Round Potato Starch Granules


  • Round potatoes on the slide will show oval whitish granules in the extracted liquid.
  • The white matter is formed by layer upon layer of white grains centered around a bright refractive particle.
  • The refractile part of this grain is called Hyalum.
  • Layers of white granules are arranged continuously on one side of the hilum. Hence it is called centrifugal whitewash. Since it has only one Hylum, it is a white grain of simple nature.
  • Sometimes two or three white spots are clustered together. Such grains are called complex grains.

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