Diode 1N5408

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  • Diode 1N5408
  • 3.0 ampere operation at TA = 75°C with no thermal runaway.
  • High current capability.
  • Low leakage
  • Made in China
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The 1N5408 diode is a low-cost, high-current diode for circuit protection and voltage rectification. The 1N5408 diode has a continuous reverse voltage rating of 1000V and is suitable for high-forward currents of up to 3A. The diode has a forward voltage drop of 1.2V.

Specification Diode 1N5408:

  • The average forward current is 3A
  • The Forward Voltage drop is 1V @3A
  • Non-repetitive Peak  current is 200A
  • The Peak Reverse current is 10uA.
  • Repetitive reverse voltage is 1000V
  • Available in DO-201 Package

Package Include:

  • 1 x 1N5408 Diode

Broad Description of 1N5408 Diode 3A

The 1N5408 is a popular type of diode that is widely used in electronic circuits. It is a rectifier diode, specifically a general-purpose power diode. The “1N” prefix indicates that it is a standard diode, and “5408” is the specific part number assigned to this diode.

Here are the key specifications of the 1N5408 diode:

  1. Current Rating: The “3A” in your question refers to the maximum average forward current the diode can handle, which is 3 amperes. This means it can safely carry up to 3 amperes of current under normal operating conditions.
  2. Maximum Voltage Rating: The 1N5408 diode has a maximum reverse voltage rating of 1000 volts. This means it can withstand up to 1000V in the reverse direction without breaking down.
  3. Rectification: The diode is primarily used for rectification purposes in power supply circuits, converting alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC).
  4. Package: The 1N5408 diode typically comes in a DO-201AD package, also known as the “DO-27” package, which has a cylindrical shape with two leads.
  5. Polarization: Diodes are polarized components, meaning they have a specific orientation for correct operation. The cathode (negative terminal) is usually indicated with a band or stripe on the diode body.

Overall, the 1N5408 diode is a robust and commonly used component in various electronic applications where rectification and power handling capabilities are required. Its ability to handle relatively high currents and voltages makes it suitable for many general-purpose and power electronics circuits.



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