Soil Test Kit pH NPK Testing, Agricultural NPK Fertility Test Kit

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Soil pH and NPK Test Kit 1 Box

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Soil pH NPK Test Kit Soil Test Drip Agricultural NPK Fertility Test Kit

  • Soil Test Kits for pH, N.P.K
  • Model: ph (0-14)
  • Types of Tests: Soil pH, Nitrogen Phosphorus, Potassium
  • Precision 99%
  • Made in China


Why you should test your soil?

Soil pH determines the availability of nutrients for plant roots. When the soil pH is weakly acidic, minerals such as zinc, aluminum, copper, iron, and manganese will dissolve in the soil water. When the soil pH becomes highly acidic, too many dissolved minerals can destroy or even kill plants. Other nutrients will also be “locked-in” and cannot be absorbed by plants.

Plants are “picky”, although most plants can tolerate a considerable range of soil pH. The pH of the soil also affects the activity of beneficial microorganisms, thereby decomposing harmful compounds and affecting the overall health of the root system.



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