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Labtex Bangladesh is a large and trusted safety equipment supplier in Bangladesh. We have lots of stock and real sources of Safety Equipment. We can deliver any safety items within 48 hours anywhere in Bangladesh. We sell our safety items directly and online. Here you get all types of safety equipment for head to foot (like- helmet, head cover, goggles, eyeglass, face mask, respiratory protector, earplug, ear-muff, safety vest, PPE, hand gloves, safety gloves, safety belt, apron, safety shoe, etc.) floor cleaning liquid, chemical suit, spill kits, etc. Click to See our Products

Labtex is the Trusted Safety Equipment Supplier
Labtex is the Trusted Safety Equipment Supplier in Bangladesh

Labtex is the Safety Equipment Supplier of the below brands


Why needs the safety equipment?

Safety equipment means a thing that is safe for people or workers in a risky environment. It is also known as personal protective equipment, is specifically designed to help protect workers against health or safety risks on a risky job site. If the workers wear the appropriate safety equipment, workers can decrease the number of preventable accidents that occur on job sites every year.

What Types of Safety Equipment is Available in Bangladesh?

How to Place Order for Safety Equipments to us:

Anyone can place an order from anywhere in Bangladesh to our online store or direct confirm an order over the phone or place an order by email. If you collect the product from our office, you just need to confirm us a minimum of 2 hours ago when you come to our office.

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