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Filter Paper Store in Bangladesh

Labtex is the largest online and offline filter paper store in Bangladesh. We are selling over 15 types of filter paper for laboratory use in the Bangladesh scientific market. We have lots of sized filter paper within 47mm dia to 600 mm. Please see the below list of our filter papers:

Which Branded Filter Papers Available in Labtex:

Whatman, PALL, Double Ring, Sartorius, Indica, and Non-Brand Chinese filter papers are available in our store.

How to buy from the Labtex Filter Paper Store :

You can buy filter papers from the physical store or the online store. You can place orders through this website, over the phone, and by email. Labtex delivers the ordered goods to the customer’s doorsteps at the lowest price. You can also buy our products from

Why should you buy filter papers from Labtex store?

  • Labtex has a wide range of filter paper stock.
  • Most of the filter papers are in the labtex-ready stock.
  • Labtex checks and ensures product quality and home delivery service.
  • Filter Paper Prices are lower than the market prices.
  • Labtex has a quick delivery team to deliver the filter papers
  • Labtex has 24 hours & 7 days of online customer service facilities.
  • So, you should buy filter paper from Labtex.

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