UNI-T UT07A-EU Socket Tester

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  • Electric Socket Tester
  • Model: UT07A-EU
  • Brand: UNI-T
  • Made in China

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UT07 series socket testers can check socket-wiring errors. These tools are widely used in commercial and residential areas. UT07B testers also include the leakage test feature to check whether circuit breakers are working properly.


  • Model UT07A-EU
  • Operating voltage 230V
  • Operating current <18mA
  • Operating frequency 50Hz~60Hz



  • The leakage test passed
  • Missing earth
  • Missing live
  • Missing neutral
  • Live earth reverse
  • Live earth reverse and missing earth


General Characteristics

  • Product color Red and grey
  • Product net weight 79g
  • Product size 65mm x 65mm x 61mm
  • Brand: UNI-T
  • Made in China
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